100% Pure Rose Petal Powder

Product name: Rose Petal Powder
Botanical name: Rose rogusa
Used plant part: Flower buds
Appearance: Fine red to dark red powder
Application: Function Food Beverage, Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, Cosmetic & Personal Care
Certification and Qualification: USDA NOP, Vegan

No artificial coloring and flavoring is added

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Rose Flower tea, rose essential oil, products contain rose can be seen everywhere in daily life, which shows the wide range of uses of rose. Our Rosebuds whole is harvested from Gansu province and this species is generally used to make flower tea, while Rose Petal usually comes from Yunnan province and used to extract essential oils. As one of our hot products: Rosebuds and Rose Petals Powder, can be used as cosmetic accessories and also Chinese medicines, which can promote blood circulation, improve body metabolism, and beautify the face.

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Rose Petal Powder

Manufacture Process Flow

  • 1.Raw material, dry
  • 2.Cutting
  • 3.Steam treatment
  • 4.Physical milling
  • 5.Sieving
  • 6.Packing & labeling


  • 1.Rose petals have a relaxing, calming scent
    Whether you pick the scent up as a result of steeping rose petals for tea or because they’re in your creams or lotions, rose petals can help to soothe a stressed, overthinking mind. If you’re feeling a bit low, pop the kettle on or pamper yourself with a rose petal beauty product and you may find the ingredient leaves you feeling more uplifted and comforted. You could also try aromatherapy with rose based essential oils.
  • 2.Studies have shown rose can boost a sluggish liver
    If you feel your insides need a bit of a kick-start, look to rose petals to help cleanse a congested and overworked liver. Its decongestant antioxidant properties will help to get everything moving and should decrease digestive issues.
  • 3.Acne and breakouts can benefit from antibacterial rose petals
    There’s little wonder why many beauty products contain rose or rose extracts. Not only does it naturally scent products, it’s also antibacterial. This means it can get to work on inflamed or blemished skin, including acne, reducing redness and preventing more breakouts. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so can help to reduce puffy skin around eyes.

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