4 tips for evaluating the quality of kale powder

1. Color – Premium kale powder should be bright green signaling that chlorophyll molecule has not been broken down during the drying process, as fresh kale leaves are dark green because of the high amounts of chlorophyll. If the powder is pale in color, it probably has been diluted with a filler or the chlorophyll molecule has been broken down through the drying process, which means many of the nutrients have also been degraded. If the powder is dark green, it was most likely burned at high temperature.

2. Density – Premium kale powder should be light and fluffy because the fresh kale leaves are light and fluffy. A dense filler has been added or the kale has been dried in a way that the cellular structure of the leaf has been broken down, in which case many of the nutrients will have also been destroyed if the powder is dense and heavy.

3. Taste and smell – Premium kale powder should look, smell, and taste like kale. If not, a filler must have been added to it to dilute the taste or the flavor molecules have been broken down during the drying process, so have many of the other nutrients.

4. Others – We should also know about how and where the product was grown. We should know whether the product was grown using organic farming practices and if the supplier is certified USDA Organic. We should also know about the soil condition of the raw material, to make sure the heave mental of the kale powder will meet the standards.

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Post time: Dec-04-2022